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Angie's Carriage House - Animal Care, Services, and Products Provided by Angie Beetstra - Illinois

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Welcome to Angies Carriage House

Angie's Carriage House specializes in full, from the heart care of your furry and non furry friends, kids and companions. Services are offered in Illinois, at my house or yours. With over years on a family farm and experience with animals of all walks of life, I will provide loving and safe care just as if they were my own. Be they old, young, big, small or have special needs they are all welcome! Please feel free to stop by my farm and visit my critters anytime!

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What our clients have to say

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"If Angie isn't available to take care of our dogs, I don't like to go away...we try to plan our trips around her schedule. In the 10 years we've had dogs, we've found no one else who is more caring or dependable. Angie really does have a gift for relating to animals and ours love going there. Libby and Huck's keepers."

Elizabeth O'Leary
Harvard, IL

"My dogs have been fortunate to know Angie Beetstra since 2006 when we moved to Harvard. They love going to her while I am traveling, and one of them knows what I mean when I say, "We are going to Angie's!" She had provided them with loving care several times a year for 5 years. She takes care with their diets, medications, and anything else so that when I return, they are happy and well cared for. That makes leaving them easier for me. Having Angie is our lives has truly been a blessing!"

Madelyn Tesch
Harvard, IL

"Our family of animals is a very precious part of our lives. We would not go anywhere if we felt we were compromising them in any way. With Angie’s wonderful care, I have never had a worry or a doubt that they were in the best of hands. Angie has been taking care of our horses, 3 goats and dogs for many years. I trust her judgment on what to do if there is ever an emergency or a pet needs some extra TLC. Our dogs are always so happy to visit her - I know that they feel right at home and even sometimes get to sleep in bed - they are thoroughly spoiled by the time they get home."

Renee Dankert
Harvard, IL

"I never worry when I go away. Angie does a great job taking care of my dog and horses. I know she will handle any problems responsibly and notify me when necessary. My dog loves playing with the other dogs. It's such a relief to know she will settle in and not be stressed."

Terry Prokuski
Harvard, IL
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Angies Carriage House Animal Care

Our business is caring for your pets whether you're on vacation, working, emergencies or just overwhelmed. I know first hand that it is hard to leave these very special friends so we are here to make it a smooth, safe and loving experience.

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I endorse these speciality products and websites and offer them for sale. I have personally used each and everyone of them. Please browse the products available and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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